Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feb 16, 2011: The Deck Begins

"Hey", you thought, "wasn't this house already done?"

Well yes and no. We had put off adding the deck until later. Now is later. So I'm going to update this blog with pictures as the deck is built.

Forms (boards) and footers (boxes) being prepped for pouring concrete later.

It's not officially a construction project until the porta-john arrives.

When we built the fence, we put in a gate so equipment could get in easily (primarily for bushhogging the back lot, but also for this deck work). Guess where I'll be reseeding in a month?

View of the forms for the deck from West side of the house.

Fritz (right) and Wolfie (left) checking out the deck on the South side of the house. It's a wrap-around about 1/2 up each side (slightly more on the West, slightly less on the South)

Dirt mounded up to fill in and level before the gravel and concrete. Also you can see the Romeo and Juliet balconies we left in anticipation of building the deck later.