Friday, August 7, 2009

August 7, 2009: Tree falls, and more painting

On the 6th, a storm came through and knocked over a tree onto the house. Nothing significant happened to the house (a gutter got banged up). Preethi said it meant the choice of brick paid for itself.

In the meantime painting continued.

The tree, now laying across the drainfield.

Where the tree broke off.
In addition to the painting, the pipe for the culvert was delivered. Eventually, it'll look like this.

View of the great room where the first coat of the wall paint has been made. It's kinda blotchy at this point, but will look better later once a second coat is applied. You can also see some of the trim beginning on the fireplace (the firebox is pretty big - 42").

View of the kitchen.

View of the dining room. Basically, the kitchen, dining room, and great room are blue while the rest of the house is off-white.

Deer came right up to the backside of the house to munch on leaves. Never left even though they saw me standing 5 feet away (but inside the house).

Another view of the deer.

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